Ethno-house “Brvnara” in Bački Jarak

In Bački Jarak, there is an ethno-house – Brvnara – situated just a little bit away from the centre, next to the main road. It is in the park among pine and fir trees, protected from the glances of indifferent passers by, transferred, however, into another space and time opened up to each visitor who wants to devote to it at least a bit of time.

Музејска кућа Вајат Млечар Курузана

The central part of the ethno-house is the cottage, where, in the ground floor, there is the ethnological section of the permanent exhibition, displaying social and cultural life of people from Bosanska Krajina.

In the yard, there are three more buildings: one for milk storing and milk processing as well as for dairy products, another small building that served as home for young couples and the third one was a corn-shed.

All the three buildings are authentic, brought from the old homeland and assembled exactly the way they looked like in their previous place. These objects have been fitted into the surrounding space and they make, along with the main building, an authentic composition showing a yard with residential and side buildings, exactly like in Krajina.

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