Workshops for children - Музеј Војводине

Workshops for children

This special educational program, game sessions in the museum invite children of upper pre-school age and those in the first grades of primary school, along with their parents and teachers.

The session comprises both a theoretical and a practical part. During the theoretical part, children are lectured about basic information on museums in general, the museum work, about the Museum of Vojvodina and about various topics in the field of archaelogy, history, ethnology, applied art, whereas in the creative courses, children express themselves through drawing, music and literature.

The basic aim of this program is to give elementary information about what museums are, about the cultural heritage kept in the Museum of Vojvodina; children are incouraged to visit cultural institutions this way, to enhance needs for such happenings.

This program is specific due to its methodology, tuned to children of specific age. Game sessions in the Museum are held in the last week of every month.

Author and counselor of this program is Vladimira Stanisavljević, senior curator, pedagogue.

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