Pavilion 1 - Музеј Војводине

Pavilion 1

The early exhibitions on the history of agriculture were displayed in the former wheat storehouse. Refurbishment of the premises for housing permanent exhibits started immediately after the foundation of the Museum. Back in the nineties, in the 20th century, several thematic exhibitions were organized on three levels. By their contents, conception and museology aspect, they make up a unique entity showing how the dominant agricultural branches were developing in this part of the world.

The authors of the exhibitions were experts coming from Novi Sad Faculty of Agriculture, Institute of Crop and Vegetable Growing, as well as the Museum of Vojvodina.

The premises in the basement of the pavilion were adapted into a would-be mini-brewery. A small, traditional brewery plant has been planned within the Institute for hop growing, where beer would be brewed in a showroom, available for visitors to taste. The brewery would operate on a commercial basis, but basically, it would also perform as a complement to the exhibition displaying hop growing and it would illustrate the beginnings of the brewing industry.

> The Exhibition on the Development of the dominant Branches of Agriculture in Vojvodina

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