Pavilion 2 - Muzej Vojvodine

Pavilion 2

Pavilion 2 is an auxiliary facility, typical for large estates in Vojvodina, dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth century. In the past, this building served as a horse stable, a blacksmith’s shop, a workshop and also as a carriage shed. It is unknown whether its purpose has been changing through history or not, or when it was built exactly, but it is certain that at the time when the Dundjerski family was managing the estate, the building did wear the present shape and did have the above mentioned functions. Several original items have been preserved from that period, which are now displayed at the permanent exhibition: a forge with blacksmith’s bellows and lathe.

The building was refurbished in 1993, for the Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery and Tools, immediately after the Museum had moved in. The attic contains a depot, whereas the ground floor is arranged to display the permanent exhibition.

The display was rearranged and small construction repair works were carried out at the end of 2009 and at the beginning of 2010.

> The Exhibition of vintage agricultural Machines and Tools

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