Workshops with retired individuals - Музеј Војводине

Workshops with retired individuals

This workshop for the eldest population started in 2005 with the idea to make them familiar with the museum. This is also a possibility for them to spend their spare time in a useful and creative way, to get to know the cultural treasure kept at the museum, at the permanent exhibition as well as at the current thematic ones and to implement what they have learnt through some creative work.

During practical activities, they can learn various art techniques. At the workshops so far, we have learnt techniques of glass painting, painting on textile, the cashe technique, napkin technique, clay modelling, making pictures from straw, making arrangements from dried flowers…

Workshops will be held once or twice a month (upon agreement). Most of the required material will be supplied by the Museum.

This workshop will be announced at our website and on the media.

Authors and counselors of these workshops are Slađana Velendečić and Vjeročka Šipka, museum pedagogue.

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