Departments and Collections of the Museum of Vojvodina - Музеј Војводине

Departments and Collections of the Museum of Vojvodina

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Prehistoric section

  • Neolitic Collection – Lidija Balj, MA senior curator, archaeologist
  • Gomolava Collection
  • Feudvar Collection – Jovan Koledin, MA senior curator, archaeologist

Antique section

  • Antique Collection – Tijana Stanković – Pešterac, MA, curator, archaeologist
  • Medieval section
  • Early Medieval Collection – Stanko Trifunović, senior curator, archaeologist
  • Late Medieval Collection – Nebojša Stanojev, museum counselor, archaeologist

Numismatic section

  • Numismatic Collection
  • Pantry Collection
    Dalibor Nedvidek, museum counselor, archaeologist

Archaeobiology section

  • Osteological Collection – Darko Radmanović, MSc, curator, archaeozoologist
  • Аchaeobotanical Collection – Aleksandar Medović, senior curator, archaeobotanist


Department of Early History and Cultural History

  • Numismatic Collection – Snežana Dobrić, curator, historian and Mirjana Lakić, curator, historian
  • The history of physical training and sports in Vojvodina – Jovan Paunović, museum councelor, historian
  • Collection of cadastral land-registers, geography maps – Vukosava Pejin, curator, geographer
  • Collection of fine arts – Aleksandra Stefanov, curator, art historian and Dragana Garić, curator, art historian
  • Collection of applied art – Jelena Dobrović, curator, academic graphic artist and arts teacher
  • Education – Čarna Milinković, curator, historian
  • Politicians and political parties
  • Rulers and royal families
  • World War I
  • Jovan Nikić’s legacy
  • Miša Dimitrijević
  • The 1848-9 Revolution
  • The Serbian National Radical party
  • Đorđe Krasojević’s legacy
  • Arms
  • Flags
  • Patriarch Josif Rajačić’s legacy
    Suzana Milovanović, senior curator, historian
  • Urban clothes
  • Albums, remembrance booklets
  • Renowned individuals
  • Public figures and those working in culture
  • Cultural societies
  • Invitation cards and program booklets
  • Mihailo Pupin
    Ljubica Otić, museum councelor, hisotrian
  • Economy
  • Jovan Erdeljanović’s legacy
  • Healthcare
  • Diplomas
  • Heraldry
  • Steals
  • Servicemen
  • Urbars (legal agrarian documents of feudalism)
    Veselinka Marković, senior curator, historian
  • Picture postcards of settlements and towns throughout Vojvodina
  • Picture postcards of cities abroad
  • Serbs in Hungary
  • Documents from the 18th and 19th century
  • Photographs of some settlements and towns in Vojvodina
  • Bunjevci
  • Calendars and greeting cards
    Milkica Popović, senior curator, historian
  • The Collection of spiritual life
  • Clergy
  • The Monasteries at the Fruška Gora
    Aleksandar Petijević, senior curator, ethnologist

Department of Recent History

  • Photograph Collection – Dejan Bolorin, curator, historian and Darijuš Samii, curator, historian
  • Archive Collection – Kristina Meneši, curator, historian and Kristina Meneši, senior curator, historian
  • Collection of identity cards, personal documents and booklets – Dušan Miljković, curator, historian
  • Collection of arms and military equipment – Predrag Bajić, M.A. senior curator, historian
  • Collection of posters – Dr. Drago Njegovan, senor curator and Tatjana Stojkov, curator, historian
  • Collection of decorations, medals, badges, charters and posters – Vojislav Martinov, curator, historian


  • Collection of folk architecture and furniture and Etno-Cottage „Brvnara” Bački Jarak – Bogdan Šekarić, senior curator, ethnologist
  • Collection of traditional agriculture – Ivan Čakan, museum councelor, ethnologist
  • Collection of folk dress and accessories – Katarina Radisavljević, M.A. museum councelor, ethnoloist
  • Collection of interior household textiles – Ljiljana Trifunović, museum councelor, ethnologist
  • Collection of written and audiovisual records and Collection of crafts – Aleksandar Petijević, senior curator, ethnologist
  • Collection of social life and spiritual culture – Tatjana Bugarski, senior curator, ethnologist
  • Collection of folk pottery and Collection of homecraft – Anka Seč-Pinćir, senior curator, ethnologist


  • Agricultural Collection – Filip Forkapić, curator and Tanja Đuđić, curator, ethnologist


  • The Collection of Antique and Rare Books – Lidija Mustedanagić, MA, museum councelor

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